25 Spring Knitting Patterns to Inspire Your Next Project in 2024

25 Spring Knitting Patterns to Inspire Your Next Project in 2024

The days are getting longer, birds are chirping, magnolia trees have started to bloom, and a new wave of knitting inspiration has washed over me. As much as I love knitting cozy sweaters, fluffy hats, and chunky scarves... There's something about spring colorways and lighter yarn that get me excited to expand my handmade wardrobe into other seasons. 

I've put together a collection of 25 knitting patterns I'd love to knit this season (if only I was fast enough to knit up all these this spring!). If you want to skip the reading and go straight to the patterns you can click here to go to my Spring 2024 Ravelry page. 


Spring Sweaters

Sun's out... guns not ready to be out. This year is the year I'm going to knit myself a light sweater that will keep me warm but won't make me sweat! It doesn't get much cuter than wearing a colorful dress with a lovely little sweater thrown over the top. There are so many wonderful yarns out there that fit the bill for spring sweaters as well. I love a linen/merino wool blend to give it airiness and a bit of structure, but then that little bit of wool softens the whole thing and makes it a joy to knit up.


#25 - GARDEN Cardigan by ANKESTRiCK


#24 - Home Sweater V Neck by Caidree


#23 - No Sweat Shirt by Park Williams


#22 - Whitecaps by Yumiko Alexander


#21 - Lore Tee & Sweater by Esti Juango



Spring Shawls

Not sure about you, but I run cold. Just because the temperature is rising, doesn't mean I am out there without my warm accessories. Personally, I love either a lacy shawl in a fine, luxurious cashmere, or a heavier weight cotton or linen blend for my spring shawls. 


 #20 - TOIVO Party Scarf by Tiina Huhtaniemi

Knitting parties TOIVO Party scarf knitting pattern


 #19 - The Storsand Scarf by Sari Nordlund


 #18 - Kombu Shawl by Olga Fahim


 #17 - Honeycomb Shadow Lace by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer


 #16 - Lacewing by Josée Paquin



A theme I've been seeing for 2024 is the idea of slow fashion. In a world that is fast paced and consumer driven; it's refreshing to see people making their own clothes. I have always appreciated craftsmanship in clothing and fashion; but having a smaller budget I have become resourceful in how I acquire luxury in my wardrobe. Being a maker allows me to customize, use quality yarn, and express my unique self. These tops are definitely a worthy addition to your wardrobe!


#15 - Camisole No. 9 by My Favourite Things


#14 - The Farnham Tee by The Knit Purl Girl


#13 - Iris by Yumiko Alexander


#12 - Drawstring Camisole by Purl Soho


#11 - Mellow Tee by w i e s e k n i t 

Colorful Socks

Colorful socks are on my feet all year long... but in the spring time I want those babies to POP in my Birkenstocks! I've always been a sock girl, my favorite shop in San Francisco was the Sock Shop in Haight and Ashbury; every single time I visited the city I went in there with my "sock budget" and usually left with at least three new pairs of outrageous stockings. In recent years though this has transformed into "sock yarn budgets" and fantastical patterns to go with them. 


#10 - The Shorty Sock Set by Summer Lee Design Co. 


#9 - Pressed Flowers Sock by Amy Christoffers


#8 - I Heart Socks by Stone Knits


#7 - Rapunzel by "Amanita" Agata Mackiewicz


#6 - Hazzel Socks by Rosa P.




Knit accessories are so cool and unique. Many of these patterns have been on my to-knit-list for a while and I think 2024 is the year to conquer adding a zipper or oversized button to my projects. 


#5 - Honey Clutch by PetiteKnit 


#4 - Faye Fringe Bag by Anna Skala


#3 - Sea Breeze Tote by Sophie Graney


 #2 - Grapefruit Pouch by Yun Jeong


#1 - French Market Bag by Petite Knit




Well friend, there you have it! 25 gorgeous knitting patterns to spark some inspiration for spring. I really hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget, you can find all these patterns on my Ravelry page


Happy stitching!

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