17 Old Money; Classic Knitting Pattern Inspiration for a Tailored Wardrobe

17 Old Money; Classic Knitting Pattern Inspiration for a Tailored Wardrobe

“Old Money Aesthetic” ... a current "trend" that is really nothing new.

I’ve been enjoying seeing timeless looks such as button-ups and cable sweaters having their moment in the “trend” cycle. One thing that isn’t really discussed in these lovely 10 second clips on Instagram or TikTok; is that the items they are taking inspiration from, are often hand crafted and when cared for properly, can last for years or even decades (yes, decades! Seems crazy in the world of fast-fashion we currently live in).


One of my favorite perks of being a knitter, is looking at stunning luxury knits such as these…


beige brunello cucinelli wool-mohair v-neck sweater secondary image 1white brunello cucinelli cashmere high-neck sweater secondary image 3

(top left) Loro Piana Parksville Pullover £2,070, (top right) Tom Ford  Shawl-Collar Ribbed Wool, Silk and Mohair-Blend Cardigan £2,450, (bottom left) Brunello Cucinelli Wool-Mohair V-neck Sweater £1,500, (bottom right) Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere High-Neck Sweater £2,130

…and knowing I can replicate many of these looks for a fraction of the price, without skimping on quality.


Being trendy is rarely my inspiration to knit, but while timeless styles are trending, I thought it would be the perfect time to put together a list of timeless knitting patterns. In my research I wanted to find pieces that were classic but had a bit of a unique or modern touch to them. There are many vintage knitting patterns out there but from experience they can be a little difficult to read, or lacks certain trips & tricks to avoid making your piece look homemade. So instead of the vintage classics that started it all, here are some of my top picks of chic knits that will stand the test of time.


Sweaters & Cardigans

Harlow Sweater V Neck by Caidree

A gorgeous worsted weight, oversized, drop shoulder construction. Classic!


Salty Days Sweater by Veronika Lindberg

Inspired by the intricate designs of salt flakes, Kutavokika suggests knitting with a DK weight yarn held together with mohair to give it that extra cozy feeling and lovely fluffy halo. This sweater is worked top down with a dropped shoulder. Bonus - Kutavokika offers a full YouTube tutorial for this sweater which is incredibly helpful! 


Sweater No. 15 by My Favorite Things

It doesn't get much more timeless than a cable knit sweater. I have a soft spot for cables and truly enjoy them. My Favorite Things suggests using a sport weight yarn, worked top down with no need for seaming. 


Minto Sweater by Magdalena Parker

I know, I've added another cable sweater - but that's how classic they are! The Minto Sweater is a fun take on the traditional cable and gives it a bit of a unique braded look. Magdalena suggests knitting with a worsted weight yarn but offers many yarn substitution suggestions. 


Nela by Marzena Kołaczek

Another modern take on a very timeless look! Knit in a sport weight yarn makes up this intricate cable and lace sweater. With a double collar, raglan construction, and German short rows, Marzena has created a beautiful sweater pattern with fine details. Categorized as an intermediate pattern, it would be a great push to learn some new skills that make your FOs look polished.


Zipper Sweater Light by PetiteKnit

Honestly, just about any pattern by PetiteKnit could be considered "old money aesthetic" but this zip pullover is a classic. Knit with DK weight yarn, top-down construction, don't be intimidated by the zipper. PetiteKnit is known for her thorough instructions. I've knit a few of her patterns now and highly recommend, it's improved my understanding of garment construction and small adjustments that really make a garment look polished. 


Mabel by Isabell Kraemer

I'll admit this is toward the top of my wish list! This cardigan is worked seamlessly using the contiguous set-in sleeve method which shapes the shoulders and sleeve caps. Knit up in a gorgeous sport-weight yarn, this would be a wardrobe staple!


Book Club Cardigan by Sari Norlund


This looks like such a fun knit! Having pockets as well is such a treat. Knitted seamlessly with a top-down construction in worsted weight, I would happily add this cardigan to my wardrobe. 



Vests & Slipovers

Vest Taipei by Mochiknits

Chic little vest, knit in DK weight yarn from the top-down... cute is what this is! Easy to style with a long sleeve, over a dress, or pictured with these tailored trousers. It's a good look and a nice little layer for when it's not quite tee-shirt weather.


Montpellier Slipover by Ane Fiskum Sunde

 The Montpellier Slipover just looks like a chic hug! A little warmer for a slipover, knit up in worsted weight yarn; this piece is perfect for those breezy autumn days. 


Vest No.2 by My Favorite Things 

 I'll be honest, I've been drawn to V-necks recently and this slipover is no exception! I love the way My Favorite Things has styled it here, it feels quite scholarly. Easily a classic in your wardrobe. I am currently knitting a different pattern by My Favorite Things and love the way she explains her designs; clear, concise, with polished finishing touches... would highly recommend!


Moby Slipover by PetiteKnit

 Ahh yes, the Moby. I (mostly) knit the sweater version of this pattern... I will admit I was playing yarn chicken and quickly realized I wouldn't even have enough for two arms... that was painful. Sad story aside, this pattern is a joy to knit! If you're new to cables, welcome, this isn't as complicated as it looks. The pattern becomes familiar quite quick and has a nice rythm to it. 

Knit from the top down, in DK weight yarn; this slipover is a treat to knit and wear!




Twist Loop Top by Other Loops

A classic, ribbed tank top, knit from the top-down in fingering weight yarn. I love the look of this top (I'm a sucker for a high neckline tank). Available in 6 languages and with 329 projects on Ravelry... I'd say this is a popular one! 


Ivy Top by Iris H

 Classified as Intermediate/Advanced, you'll need a little know-how for this pattern. Knit in lace weight yarn, this beautiful top is lovely to look at and I image the braided cable and delicate stitching is well worth it!


Maude Tee by PetiteKnit

Recently, I knit up PetiteKnit's Elizabeth Blouse which has a similar collar construction, without the buttons. I will say I love the polo-style collar, it is such a fun look and the buttons are a lovely detail! As always, her patterns are a treat to knit and I am sure this top is no different. Knit from the top-down in DK weight yarn, this would be a lovely spring wardrobe staple on those cooler days. 


Ballard Tee by Sari Norlund

I am loving this dropped shoulder! It really gives the sleeves dimension and breaks up the texture in such a striking way. Just from Sari's Ravelry page, I can tell this is a well thought out pattern. She gives great advice for yarn choice, substitutions, etc. A few seams here and there but no sewing which is a win for me!


Umbria Summer Top by Cookie the Knitter

I love a summery fingering weight project! Cookie the Knitter suggests using Knitting for Olive Pure Silk or Cardiff Cashmere Silka 8 for this top-down construction. I can tell this would have some lovely drape and the rib has a classy, yet, interesting texture you don't see everyday. 



Thank you for taking the time to explore these 17 inspiring knitting projects with me! I hope you found some wonderful ideas to add to your crafting repertoire. For easy access to all the patterns mentioned, head over to my Ravelry page, where I've saved them all under a favorites list. You can find it here.

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Your support and enthusiasm keep this knitting journey exciting and rewarding.

Happy Stitching!

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